Ways to Stay Connected with Your Customers Online

Ways to Stay Connected with Your Customers Online

If you have a customer base, you probably know that the best way to maintain them is to keep in constant contact. Calling them every day is intrusive and time consuming, which is why there are so many online tools designed to help you keep in touch. 

Tools Recommended by Your Business Internet Service Provider

Brad’s Electronics offers strong internet services to make sure your online tools work seamlessly.  Check out Hughes Net through Brad’s Electronics for your business internet service provider, and use these great ways to stay connected with your customers online.

Social Media  

Social media is the most user-friendly and simple way to stay in touch with your customers online.  Although it requires some set-up, and it may take time to build your network and following, social media is an extremely interactive way to speak to your followers on a daily basis.  


Staying in touch with your customers through email is a regular reminder that you are there for them.  It’s important to keep yourselves in their mind, as well as let them know about updates in your company, specials, and events. Using a platform like Constant Contact or MailChimp allows you to create your own emails, or have campaigns professionally designed.  More advanced services handle your email blasts for you and allow you to update them on any updates you wish to send out.

Build an online community

People with common interests like to connect.  Why not make that common interest your  business?  Create an online community where people can trade advice, discuss your product or service, and give feedback.  You can use Facebook groups or create a chat room on your website.  



It has been proven that most consumers use online reviews to determine whether or not to purchase a product or service.  It’s also been shown that people will trust an online review almost as much as word of mouth from a friend or family member.  Make sure that you have an account set up on all of the major review sites so that your customers can find you.  Do your best to encourage people to write reviews, and stay informed so that you can reply and resolve any complaints.  A good review rating will go a long way.


People love to interact, they just need a reason.  Give some kind of reward or entry for a contest for interacting with your business.  Promote and share the results online to let your customer base know how much fun it is to patronize your business.

There are many opportunities online to connect with current and potential customers.  To keep your internet connection as strong as your customer connection, call Brad’s Electronics and explore your options for a business internet service provider.  



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