How to troubleshoot HughesNet Satellite Internet

How to troubleshoot HughesNet Satellite Internet

How to troubleshoot HughesNet Satellite Internet?


As you might know HughesNet satellite Internet is powered by space-age technology in which the modem communicates through a satellite Dish. 

When you browse using your HughesNet Internet service, your computer sends the request to a satellite about 22,000 miles out in space using a very advanced technology, even if you live in rural areas you will be able to have Internet connection with HughesNet. But sometimes, some factors like rain storms, or geographical issues might affect your Internet stability. 

We want to make sure you’re always connected to the Internet. So here are some tips to troubleshoot HughesNet Internet, in case you’re experiencing slow speed or your connection has been interrupted. 


HughesNet Gen 5 uses an HT2000w modem with built-in Wi-Fi integrated. You will be able to connect all your wireless devices without a router. Visit: the HT2000w blog for more information about this amazing modem. 



My page is not loading. What should I do?

As we explained above the data transmission process might take a few seconds depending on several factors like the page you are in has big images, videos, or Flash headers. You just need to check the Transmit light on your modem, it’s the fourth light from the top. If it’s blinking quickly, that means it’s transmitting data, and if it is blinking infrequently, your modem is trying to calibrate to the satellite. 

Then Check the Receiving light, the third light from the top, if it’s blinking your page will load shortly. 

My connection has been slower than usual. Why?

Are several devices connected to your Network? Simultaneous users can reduce the speed of your connection as the Internet speed will be divided among the devices connected.  We advise you to disconnect devices you’re not using as processes can be still running in the background. 

Check if you’ve gone over the monthly data allowance (between  10GB – 50GB). All HughesNet plans come with the same download speed of 25Mbps and an upload of 3Mbps. However, the speed might be reduced after exceeding your monthly data plan. 

If that is the case, you can buy data tokens to restore your speed, learn how to buy them by clicking here

3GB for $9
5GB for $15
10GB for $30
25GB for $75

If it’s not, you can also run a speed test using HughesNet mobile app. Remember, windy or storming times can affect your Internet connectivity. 

You can also check Satellite Dish outside, look for debris, leaves,  dirt or snow. Remove anything that might block your satellite signal and check the connection again. 

I don’t have a connection at all. Why?

Check the LAN light on your modem, if it’s off, that means you’re not connected to the Internet. 

Check all cords and cables from the satellite to the modem. Sometimes cables can suffer damage and interfere with the connection. 

If after checking all, you are not able to fix the problem by yourself.  Reach a live care representative by telephone 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 866-347-3292.


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