Turning Your Home Into a Smart Home

Turning Your Home Into a Smart Home

In this age of technology, it’s all about convenience.  There’s no denying the convenience of a Smart Home.  In fact, the idea of a home with devices that think for themselves has been a topic of pop culture for years.  With today’s technology, and the best high speed internet service available for years, it’s finally possible to navigate your home with the greatest of ease.  Here are some of the best products on the market that you can use to turn your home into a Smart Home.

Gadgets to Get You Started

The Video Doorbell

This device lets you see who’s at the door.  It will even let you video chat with them before answering the door.  If you aren’t home, it will even take a snapshot so you can get back to the person who dropped by.  There are a few companies who make similar products, with VTech being one of the leading brands.

The Roomba

The Roomba is a product you’ve probably at least heard mentioned.  This is essentially a robot vacuum.  It runs on its own, is compact, and durable.  You can even schedule it to start vacuuming at a certain time.

The Luna Mattress Pad

For a Smart sleeping experience, try the Luna mattress pad.  This mattress cover will basically do anything related to sleep.  It regulates your preferred temperature, sets alarms, and even monitors your heart rate to figure out whether you are in a deep sleep.  It will actually let you sleep if you are in a deep sleep.  This mattress pad truly makes sleep an enjoyable experience.

The iGrill2

If you like to have cookouts, the iGrill2 is a thermometer that connects to your tablet or smartphone.  You can adjust the temperature, and monitor it remotely.  This is perfect for those who are entertaining and can’t always stand by the grill.

The Smart TV

One of the most popular additions that has made its way into the average home is the Smart T.V.  The Smart T.V. gives you a world of options when it comes to entertainment.  You can use a variety of apps to enhance your experience, and can do pretty much anything you can do with a SmartPhone, a laptop, and a regular television.


There are many products that can make your life easier and give you the Smart Home experience.  To make sure most of these products run properly, you need the best high speed internet service on the market.  Make sure you speak with your representative at Brad’s Electronics to find out if your current internet service is capable of handling your new Smart Home products.  



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