What is Computer Networking All About?

What is Computer Networking all about - Network cables

What is Computer Networking All About?

Computers are an integral part of today’s life. Accordingly, we often hear or read about computers and networking – but what is computer networking all about?

What is Computer Networking all about - Network cables

What does a computer network consist of?

A computer network consists of at least two interconnected computer devices (also known as “hosts”). These computer connections are either wired or wireless and utilize specific networking software and a specific set of rules/protocols to communicate with each other and share resources.

In short, the purpose is:

  1. communication
  2. collaboration

Examples and applications

Telecommuting/Remote work

Computer networking plays an important role in the modern work environment:


A local area network (LAN) is usually a private, short-distance connection of computers, for example, a corporate computer network inside an office building. The most well-known example from our daily lives is probably the WLAN or Wireless LAN. A WLAN serves the same purpose as a LAN but, as the name suggests, the connection is made wirelessly.


VPN is an acronym for “virtual private network.” It provides a secure connection via an encrypted channel to prevent access by hackers. As such, VPN has become of particular importance for many remote/home office workers as a means of securely connecting with corporate resources.

Smart Home Technology

Another area where a computer network is utilized is smart home technology, for example, Google Nest. In this context, the connected devices are not classical personal computers, but gadgets like:

  • speakers
  • cameras
  • microphones
  • smart-home-enabled home entertainment systems

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So, what is computer networking all about? We hope that this post could give you a few pointers. For more in-depth information about the subject, please have a look at our link list below.

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