What is Satellite Internet?

Satellite Dish - What is Satellite Internet

What is Satellite Internet?

Many people are talking about satellite internet, but how does this work? In other words: What is satellite internet – and why might it be a good idea for me?

Satellite Dish - What is Satellite Internet

Who needs Satellite Internet?

For many people who live in the city, the benefits of high-speed internet are a regular part of their day. They usually rely on “terrestrial” internet, i.e. on the existing network of cable/fiber. This has become especially important since many more people have been forced to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For them, the internet has become a major means of communication and collaboration.

Yet, especially in rural areas of the US, millions of people don’t have access to this form of broadband network. For them, satellite internet has become a real game-changer: It offers high-speed internet without relying on the terrestrial cable/fiber network.

What is Satellite Internet, and how does it work?

In 2009, Eutelsat launched the first internet-ready satellite into space. This was an important milestone in the history of internet communication. After all, satellite internet – as the name suggests – relies on communication satellites. They function as relays as well as amplifiers for telecommunication signals.

A communication satellite is an artificial device that orbits the earth. Telecommunication signals travel in a straight line. This means that due to the earth’s curve, they used to not have a long reach. Eventually, the signal would go into space. A satellite solves this problem: The communication signals are sent up to the satellite, which then sends it back down to earth. This means that with strategically placed satellites, signals can be sent around the whole earth. You can find out more about the technical aspects of satellites in the links listed below.

Satellite internet providers like HughesNet® utilize this technology to provide internet users coast to coast with high-speed internet. This works even in areas, where cable/DSL is not available. Are you interested to learn more about your internet options with HughesNet? Have a look at their FAOs as well as their Plans and Prices!

If you live in one of our service areas in Mississippi or Arkansas, contact us to find out, what we can do for you!


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