Why You Should Prewire Your Home During Remodeling

Electrician - prewire

Why You Should Prewire Your Home During Remodeling

Are you remodeling or renovating your home? Then it is probably a good idea to prewire while you (or rather the contractors) are at it. After all, now is the time that they have proper access to the walls. In addition, you probably have a plan for the remodeled areas and their use. That’s why your project should include a plan for your electricity needs, rearranging electrical outlets, internet use, etc.

Electrician - prewire

Why prewire?

As far as electricity and the internet are concerned, your infrastructure needs might have changed during recent years. This is particularly true when the building (and its wiring) is older, and some updating is in order.

However, when you are undertaking a home remodeling, you usually have a specific purpose for the overhauled areas. If this includes new or renovated drywalls, this is the perfect time to do the prewire!

What is the purpose of the rooms?

The prewiring needs to be done with the purpose of the remodeled rooms in mind:

  • a guest bedroom
  • a media room with a home theater
  • a man cave or she-shed
  • a home office
  • a game room

Depending on your plans, you need to adjust the wiring accordingly to accommodate all the electronics involved. Making sure you have all the electrical outlets to plug in your various devices without running miles of additional extension cables through the room is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. This is not only a question of enhanced productivity but a safety measure as well!

This is not a DIY project!

Even if you are handy with tools and an experienced DIY enthusiast – certain jobs should be left to the experts. Electricity is definitely one of them, and this is where the certified technicians of Brad’s Electronics come in!

We are the experts for tasks like:

  • coax and network prewire
  • structured wiring
  • and computer networking

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